Proxl Configuration

If you are an administrator running your own instance of proxl, you can manage the proxl configuration by clicking the gear-shaped icon in the top-right of the site:


Configuration options:

Allow Account Registration WITHOUT Invite

By default, only users invited to projects by existing users of proxl may create accounts. If this check box is checked, any user visiting your proxl server will be able to register and create accounts.

Google Recaptcha (Not used if either not configured):

Google reCAPTCHA is a free service that verifies that a human is interacting with your site instead of a robot. More information here: If you allow account registration without an invite, and if both values below are set, a reCAPTCHA block will be presented to users who register.

Site key

Upon registering your site with reCAPTCHA, enter your site key here.

Secret key

Upon registering your site with reCAPTCHA, enter your secret key here. Do not share this.

HTML to put at center of bottom of web page

This line of HTML will appear in the bottom center of the footer throughout proxl. For example: Managed by Joe McDowadle (<a href="" target="_top"></a>)

From Address for emails sent

All emails sent from proxl will be sent from this email address. For example:

SMTP Server URL for emails sent

The SMTP server to use for sending emails. This is typically localhost on a Linux server. A SMTP server is also typically provided by your institution, possibly as–please consult your local IT support resources if you have questions. Note: Functions in proxl, such as inviting users to projects or resetting forgotten passwords, will not work unless this configuration option is set correctly.

Google Analytics Tracking Code

Google Analytics provides statistics about visitors to your web site. For more information visit: Once you have signed up and registered your website with Google Analytics, enter your tracking code here to track visits to your installation of proxl.

Protein Annotation Service URL

This is the URL to the PAWS service that provides protein sequence annotations (such as disordered region predictions or secondary structure predictions) for supplied protein sequences. This service is used on the protein image view to retrieve the displayed annotation information. Currently, the YRC provides this service and it is not recommended that you change this setting.

Protein Listing Service URL

This is the URL used to try to find more widely-recognized names for proteins found in experiments, regardless of what naming database was used to generate the respective FASTA file used in a search. This name appears when mousing over protein names in proxl. By default, this is set to the YRC PDR’s web service designed for this purpose. It is not recommended that you change this setting. Making this field blank will remove the tooltip from appearing when mousing over protein names in proxl.

Submit Search Upload on Website

If configured, users may upload their data using proxl’s web interface. Please see our Installing Proxl for more information on how to set up the helper application to handle user uploads.

Run Importer Workspace

This is the directory on the local machine (same machine running the proxl web application) where the processing of user uploads will take place. The user running Tomcat must have read/write permission to this directory.

Allow Scan file Upload

If checked, users will be able to upload scan data with their data. This may greatly increase storage requirements.

Delete uploaded files after Successful Import

If checked, data on disk will be deleted after being successfully imported into proxl.

Terms of Service Management

If enabled, Terms of Service (ToS) is a text document that users must view and accept before they may use an installation of proxl. To enable the ToS requirement, click “Change Terms of Service” to edit the document, then “Enable Terms of Service”. To disable the ToS requirement, click “Disable Terms of Service”.

Note that if ToS is enabled, and if the text document is changed in any way, all users will have to view and agree to the new ToS before continuing to use this installation of proxl.